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New student residence in Venice will open its doors in October 2019

Posted On 29/07/2019

The countdown to the opening of the brand new Santa Marta student residence has officially begun. This initiative will greatly expand residential opportunities for Ca’ Foscari students, who will soon have a brand new, fully equipped facility at their disposal.

Thanks to the Financial Aid Unit, 82 students will benefit from a substantial discount on their rent: 327 € for a single and 228 € for a bed in a twin room. Other 250 students will also be able to access the residence at a discounted price, thanks to the Social Housing Program: 426 € for a single and 327 € for a bed in a twin room. The remaining 318 beds will be rented out at similar rates: 380 € for a bed in a twin room, 490 € for a single room and 530 € for a single superior.

To receive more information, schedule a visit and apply for the residence, the students can contact the managing company, Camplus, through their website camplusapartments.it

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