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Wang, a university student in Treviso

Posted On 29/05/2020

I am Wang Haobin, enrolled in Ca' Foscari Master's degree in Interpreting and Translation for Publishing and for Special Purposes. I have spent most of my time as a university student in Treviso, a city 40 minutes by train from Venice where Ca' Foscari University has a nice and cosy campus. Treviso is a small and quiet city, the right place to study. I would definitely suggest a foreign student who is in Venice to catch a train and go and visit Treviso, it is very beautiful and personally I like very much the university campus because it is the perfect place for students both to study and chill out at the end of the courses.

My first days at the university were not easy, everything was new and I had to learn lots of stuff very quickly. However, after a while everything went much better and I realized that I was exactly in the place where I had to be. Making new friendships with my course mates was definitely very important, we had our own study group and we used to meet in the library to study and socialize.
I have a sincere interest for the subjects I decided to study in my master's degree and thanks to my professors I learned a lot and this helped me to better understand the world we live in. I also learned to deal with my emotions and appreciate myself. My overall experience as a Ca' Foscari student has been a turning point in my life and I will never forget it.

Of course the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way students live the university day by day, for instance now I use the web for any communication with the university staff. I have already taken all my exams, but I know that students are happy with the new online course, I think it is a flexible way to keep learning during these tough times.