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Life In Venice

Venice itself is a unique campus!
Discover how to organize your stay in Venice and how to take part in Venetian life.

If you have additional questions, please contact your university.


Study in Venice will collaborate with the Metropolitan City of Venice to offer optimal housing and mobility solutions as well as technical support to enroled students.

Each partner university will offer solutions to their enroled students at their housing offices: Ca’ Foscari housing office, Iuav housing office.

You can find housing in Venice autonomously, seeking a shared flat with other students, through the Housing Office of your university or through the ESU Venezia (Regional Agency for the Right to Study).


ESU is a regional agency that provides students with housing and canteen services. The ESU offers student residences and put students in contact with private housing. The student residences are located in 6 structures in Venice and include 530 beds.

To obtain housing at the ESU residences, you must meet all the requirements listed in the call that will be online both in English and Italian in the ESU Venezia website and apply online.

For further information please visit the ESU Venezia website, www.esuvenezia.it

Once in Venice you can visit ESU offices during the opening hours written below or fix an appointment by e-mail: sportello.studenti@esuvenezia.it

Residenza universitaria San Tomà
San Polo 2843, Campo S. Tomà
30125 Venice (Italy)
See map

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday > 9.00am - 12.00am
  • Monday and Thursday > 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Sportello "ESU per te" Mensa Rio Novo
Dorsoduro 3647, Fondamenta del Rio Novo
30123 Venice (Italy)
See map

Opening hours: Monday and Thursday > 11.30am - 1.30pm


If you seek a room in a shared flat with other students, you can ask for support at your university’s Housing Office or at the ESU Venezia, respond to the many listings you will find in your university seats and in the university libraries or seek online.

You should always contact directly the landlord and visit the room before signing any contract and make sure that the rent conditions are accurate.


Thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed in 2020 in order to facilitate students who want to move in town and look for accomodation, the Fine Arts Academy, the Music Conservatory Benedetto Marcello, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Iuav University have started a collaboration with the City of Venice and the Venetian associations of landlords driven by a common goal: improve both the amount and the quality of flats and rooms available for students in town.

Thanks to this agreement, students can use the online platform Venice Apartments Students to search for accomodation, a tool that was created specifically within the memorandum of understanding to guarantee clear conditions and a direct communication channel landlord-student, in those cases when a private landlord publishes an ad. On the contrary, when an estate agency publishes an ad on the platform (which is clearly stated in the website, including any agency extra costs), the agency guarantees its customers full support during the whole search of accomodation and negotiation, until the contract is signed.

Among the advantages that students enjoy from the memorandum of understanding, they enjoy special conditions and fares implemented for university students, as according to the Italian law.

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Getting to Venice

Two buses connect Venice Marco Polo airport to Venice: ACTV bus n.5 or the direct ATVO airport service; both buses go to Piazzale Roma (Venice bus terminal). You can also travel via sea from this airport by using the Alilaguna service.

If you arrive at the Treviso Canova airport you can take an ATVO airport bus express or the Treviso Airlink going to Treviso railway station Treviso Centrale.

Getting around Venice

Venice is a very safe city that you can walk around in at any time of day or night. Public transport consists of water buses ("vaporetti") with about 22 lines providing a day and night service to the entire lagoon area. The transport system is run by ACTV, which is responsible for operating water buses in the lagoon as well as buses and trams on the mainland.

In order to use public transport, whether in the lagoon or on the mainland, we recommend getting a Venezia Unica travel card, a personal smart card that you load with tickets then validate by holding it near the Smart-card reader on the landing stage (or in the bus/tram when travelling on the mainland). In fact, the Venetian transport system no longer uses paper tickets, which have been replaced by electronic ticketing using the Venezia Unica card.

Venezia Unica cards can be requested at all ACTV authorised Sales and Collection Points, including the office at Piazzale Roma, the entrance to the city. The card is valid for 5 years. You will need the following:

  • application form (available at the desk) — completed with your personal data and then signed
  • a passport-sized photograph (3 x 3.5 cm)
  • photocopy of your ID document
  • tax code (to be filled in on form)
  • certificate of enrolment at Ca' Foscari

Once you have got your Venezia Unica card, you can load it with single tickets, 10-ticket carnets or travel passes at ACTV offices or authorised sellers (tobacconists or newspaper kiosks). You can choose between:

  • single ticket for waterborne/land transport (bus/trams to Mestre), valid 75 min;
  • 10-ticket carnet for waterborne/land transport (bus/trams to Mestre);
  • monthly waterbus pass for students;
  • monthly pass for waterbus + bus/tram (to Mestre).

Remember to always validate your ticket/pass on every journey.


EU Citizens

If you are an EU citizen you can stay in Italy for up to 3 months provided you have an international recognised travel ID issued by your country of origin. After 3 months of entry to Italy, you will be required to register by taking the following documents to your local Anagrafe (Registry Office): self-certification of enrolment, health insurance and documents demonstrating that you have the financial means to support yourself.

Non-EU Citizens

If you are a non-EU citizen intending to stay in Italy for over 3 months you need to request a permit to stay within 8 days of entering Italy.

For more information please visit the websites of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your university in Venice:


EU students, SEE State students (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and students from Switzerland: European Health Insurance Card;

Students from countries with bilateral agreements:

  • Australia – Medicare Card (valid for 6 months after the start of your stay in Italy)
  • Brazil - I/B 2 Certificate
  • Croatia – 111 Certificate
  • Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro – OBR7 Certificate
  • Principality of Monaco – I/MC 8 Certificate
  • Republic of San Marino – I/SMAR 8 Certificate

Non-European students: when applying for their residence permit, non-European students are required to provide evidence of health insurance coverage. The health insurance coverage can be obtained:


With a private insurance contract. You can subscribe a private insurance contract valuable in Italy and abroad with the following requirements:
t must be valid in Italy;
It must cover all risks of illness;
It must have a coverage for the entire period of your stay in Italy and have specific dates of release and expiration;
It must include indication about the procedures needed to ask for a reimbursement;
It must be legally translated in Italian language if the insurance policy has been issued by your belonging country.


With a voluntary registration to the Regional Health Service. In this case the student should go to the Health District and provide:
A copy of the residence permit or the receipt of the application form for obtaining the residence permit released by the qualified Post Offices (Post receipt);
An italian fiscal code;
Receipt of the payment of € 149.77 in the bank account n. 343301 of “Poste italiane S.p.A- C.S.S.N. Regione Veneto”.
The voluntary registration gives you the right of obtaining the same health care as an Italian citizen, it has a validity of a calendar year (1st January – 31st December), it is not apportionable and cannot be backdated.