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In memory of Prof. Bonaventura Ruperti

Posted On 06-01-2023

It is with deep grief that we acknowledge the loss of Prof. Bonaventura Ruperti, professor of Japanese language and literature at the Department of Asian and North African Studies at Ca' Foscari. Prof. Ruperti played a key role in the organization of the 2022 'Japan Contemporary Arts in Venice International Festival - The Aesthetics of Emptiness', organized by the B. Marcello Music Conservatory, the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and Ca' Foscari University.

From the whole Study in Venice group, our thoughts are with his family during these difficult times and we want to pay tribute to him through the words of Prof. Cecilia Franchini (B. Marcello Conservatory): "I met Bonaventura within the organization of the Japan Contemporary Arts in Venice international festival on which we started working at the end of 2020. I was impressed by his great positivity and inner strength that prompted him to see and appreciate the beauty. Although he was not a musician, many times he told me about his enthusiasm for the concerts we organized within the festival and, in general, for music. He was a highly sensitive person, determined, and could see the light beyond the dark, like the poem by Izumi Shikibu which he appreciated so much. I have rarely met such a beautiful person, we organized the festival during the pandemic, without the possibility of meeting in person, but I immediately understood that I could count on him for anything, he was always ready to help and very quickly. He will be greatly missed."