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Venetian university exchange "Erasmus veneziano"

The Erasmus veneziano project (Venetian Erasmus) is an exchange agreement created thanks to the cooperation among the institutions of the Study in Venice network and it represents an opportunity for young people who study in Venice. The project allows students enrolled at the university or academy or conservatory to attend courses chosen among those offered by each partner institution, take the final exams and have their credits registered in the students' academic plan.
Erasmus veneziano was launched in 2006 by Ca' Foscari and Iuav. Thanks to the synergies set in motion by Study in Venice, starting from November 2021 students from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory will also have the chance to join this opportunity whose aim is to create a closer connection among the higher education institutions of the city.

Who can join the Erasmus veneziano exchange?
All students regularly enrolled at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Iuav University of Venice, the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and the Music Conservatory Benedetto Marcello can join the project.

Which courses are available?
The courses available in the Venetian Erasmus project are chosen every year by each institution. Interested students may find more information in the webpages dedicated to the exchange. Please, read carefully the registration procedures and be aware of possible limitations in the number of students admitted:Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Iuav University of Venice, Fine Arts Academy of Venice, Music Conservatory Benedetto Marcello.

How to have your credits registered in your Study Plan?
Before attending the courses, it is important that students contact their home institution to make sure that the courses they would like to attend in other Study in Venice institutions will be finally recognized and registered. Further details are available on the webpages dedicated to the project.

More about Erasmus veneziano?
Here you can read the experience of two students who have already took part in the Venetian Erasmus project:

"My passion for fashion and my curiosity to attend a fashion design course motivated me to participate in the Venetian Erasmus at the Iuav University. I believe that this experience has been really good for me, it allowed me to understand my real goals and interests, and to experience two different campus lives at the same time. I believe that Erasmus veneziano is a wonderful experience for those who have lots of interests and want to enrich their knowledge. It certainly requires commitment and perseverance, but it is a unique opportunity to study in the two universities in Venice and I think it can help you open many doors in the future! "
Benedetta, Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

"At that time, I had already finished all the exams in my Study Plan and was writing my thesis. In the framework of my 150 hours of practices within the University, I was assigned as a tutor to an international student, a political refugee who had just enrolled at Iuav University. The boy did not speak Italian, only English, and he carried with him the pain of having experienced the socio-political tensions of his own country. Although he was already assisted by cultural mediators and psychologists, my preparation did not help me in dealing with this situation and I decided to follow the course Refugees and Asylum seekers at Ca' Foscari University, whose program seemed interesting and suitable to my needs. The course met my expectations, I found it a good course even for those who had no previous experience in the subject, especially thanks to the professor who explained everything very clearly. In the end, I liked the course so much that I decided to include it in my Iuav career thanks to the Erasmus veneziano exchange. My experience was very positive and gave me a lot, and I would definitely recommend it to other students. "
Fabio, Planning and Urban Design (Iuav University of Venice)