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English-taught Master degree programme in Architecture

Posted On 14/05/2019

The Iuav Master in Architecture offers student-centred learning through problematization, experimentation and critical reflection by applying a variety of methods and practices to finally acquire advanced skills and reach informed positions.
The modules taught in each semester are developed in synergy. They are research-driven in order to present design as a process of inquiry. Each semester includes one integrated design lab and two theoretical courses.

Available positions: 60

  • 40 positions for EU and non-EU applicants legally residing in Italy
  • 20 positions for non-EU applicants residing abroad (2 of these are reserved to candidates of the “Marco Polo” project)


from 18 April to 20 May 2019 for non-EU applicant residing abroad
from 18 April to 3 June 2019 for EU or non-EU applicant legally residing in Italy

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