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New student dormitory opens in Venice city centre

Posted On 16/09/2021

The 2021/22 academic year features the opening of the new student residential complex in Venice. The complex, which is the completion of the largest university campus in Venice in the area of San Giobbe - just a few minutes walking from the main train station Santa Lucia - will offer accommodation for 229 people as well as facilities and spaces open to the local community.

This new residential complex represents the completion of the San Giobbe Economics Campus. Ca’ Foscari has invested over €64 million in the campus, of which €20 million were allocated to accommodation. The complex includes seven five-story buildings, for a total of 6,600 square metres.

The ground floor will include facilities such as a bar-café and rehearsal studios for music and theatre, which will be open to the local community, as stipulated in an agreement between Ca’ Foscari and the Municipality of Venice. The remaining floors will host student rooms and services.

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