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Ca' Foscari joins the Eutopia European university network

Posted On 17/09/2021

It is now official that Ca' Foscari has joined EUTOPIA, that is, one of the first 20 alliances financed by the European Commission within the European Universities action (Erasmus+ Programme), which was established to enhance the international competitiveness of European universities and create a European Higher Education Area in the coming years.

This is an international partnership coordinated by the University of Ljubljana, which includes,the University of Warwick, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, CY Cergy Paris Université, University of Gothenburg, Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona.

The participation in this European consortium will enable the Venetian institution to share a long-term cooperation strategy in the field of research and the international mobility of students, faculty and technical-administrative staff. After all, EUTOPIA's goals are very much in line with Ca' Foscari mission to create an integrated academic community, address global and local challenges, promote excellence and inclusion, and foster innovation and economic development in Europe.

EUTOPIA's goals also include the creation of inter-university campuses where students can choose joint, flexible, interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral study programmes, all under the banner of an innovative form of teaching that takes advantage of the most advanced technological resources; this way, the entire academic community (students, researchers, professors, lecturers and library and technical-administrative staff) can experience physical and virtual mobility, making use of services shared by all partner universities.