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Ca’ Foscari inaugurates new Center for Digital and Public Humanities

Posted On 07/06/2019

On June 4th, Ca’ Foscari inaugurated its new center dedicated to Digital and Public Humanities, a project that was made possible thanks to the state funding derived from the “Department of Excellence” title, which the Department of Humanities received in 2018.
The DPH@Ca’Foscari, coordinated by Professor Franz Fischer, Director of the Center, will focus on boosting and sharing scientific research through tools and methods belonging to the Digital and Public Humanities domain, two fields that will also be at the center of dedicated research projects (in areas like those of Digital Text Analysis, Digital History and Digital Cultural Heritage) and special activities (virtual exhibitions, promotion of cultural heritage).

“This center is a visionary initiative and making it happen has not been easy. It’s inspired by the peculiar ability that digital humanities possess, the ability to define a different point of view on the world. The blend of past and technology is the lifeblood of this discipline - stated Rector Michele Bugliesi - Our goal is encouraging the development of humanistic disciplines, one of Ca’ Foscari strong suits, as shown by the rankings, where we placed among the first 100 Universities for the study of Humanities. The centre will group together a series of initiatives that, with the right guide, will hopefully further advance these disciplines, directing them towards new applications. This project was born here but our hope is to see it widen its scope as much as possible”.

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