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Iuav and the MARINE project

Posted On 31/05/2019

MARINE Education and COmmunication network on the MEDiterranean

The MARINE_ECOMED Project is framed to promote research and cooperation within the Mediterranean region in the field of sustainable management of marine and coastal areas, innovative communication and education strategies to support its implementation.
The Project enhances the integration of professional experiences and approaches in sustainable management of marine and coastal areas from non-governmental organizations and academic institutions with the goal to improve the quality of research and education in this multidisciplinary subject. Main project objectives are the implementation of an innovative education pathway for university students and the creation of new open education resources that will be made available to any researcher, teacher or student interested in the project topic.

Next June 13, 2019, the Aix-Marseille Université (France) is hosting a conference to present the goals and results of the project.

See the programme of the event here.