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Thank you message for the Chinese people

Posted On 20/03/2020

Dear Chinese friends,

In a time of great difficulties for everyone we are all fighting against an enemy that I’m sure we’ll manage to defeat through the solidarity that’s always been strong among our people.

First of all I want to thank all the Universities, Academies of Fine Arts and schools in China that have been supporting me and the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice through the messages they send every day in such a difficult time for all Italian people; we are not alone in this fight. We are not alone because our Chinese friends are fighting with us and for that I am grateful.
By sending masks, medical machines and doctors China sent a message of hope and friendship to Italy and the whole world: “you’re not alone, everything is going to be alright, together we will win”.

In the 50th year of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy as Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice I sincerely want to thank China for this proof of friendship. Together we will overcome this challenge and our cooperation and friendship will be stronger than ever.

Forza Italia, Forza Cina!

Giuseppe La Bruna
Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice

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