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Venetonight 2019 - European Researchers' Night

Posted On 24/09/2019

Since 2005 the European Researchers' Night is an initiative promoted by the European Commission during which researchers make the date to meet the general public in different European cities and on the same day at the end of summer, the fourth Friday of September. The European Researchers' Night is an opportunity to get the audiance of all ages in touch with the research world, but in a fanny way, to open a space for meeting and dialogue with citizens and to make young people aware of the scientific career.

On Friday 27th September 2019, Venetonight will be back in Venice and different events, labs and activities will take place in the beautiful venues of Ca' Foscari University of Venice. This is an opportunity for everyone to visit research buildings that usually are not open to the public, use the latest technologies with the guidance of researchers, participate in experiments, competitions, demonstrations and simulations , exchange ideas and party with researchers.

This year Venetonight will take place in three different locations that Ca' Foscari will open to the visitors: Ca' Foscari headquarter, Ca' Dolfin and Ca' Bottacin. The Fine Arts Academy of Venice will be part of the event with two activities organized at Ca’ Bottacin (see Italian version here).

When: Friday, 27th September 2019
Where: Ca' Foscari - Dorsoduro 3246, Venice details
Info point: starting from 2.30 pm
Opening: 5.00 pm
Final show: 9.15 pm

All information can be found online (Italian version).