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Akiko talks about her experience as a student of the Music Conservatory

Posted On 12/03/2019

Akiko is a Japanese student who decided to move to Venice to study Vocal Performance at the Conservatory Benedetto Marcello. Here are some questions we asked her to understand more about her life in Venice and overall experience.

Why have you decided to study Vocal Performance in Italy and especially in Venice?

Since I was a child I always enjoyed singing and during my last years in Japan I felt a strong wish to move to Venice in order to become a professional singer. I love Venice because it surprises me everyday, I read many books about its history and I watched a lot of movies shooted in town.
When I was in Japan and for some reason I felt a little bit sad, I thought about how my life in Venice could be and this thought gave me a lot of energy and motivation to go on and purse my goals. I remember that the first time I got to Venice I was moved by the beauty of the town and I even thought it was better than what I had expected. Everytime I walk around the typical narrow Venetian streets (calli) I feel like I am walking inside a painting.

What do you study at Conservatorio?

I study Canto Rinascimentale Barocco (Renaissance and Barroque singing) at Music Conservatory Benedetto Marcello, which is a style that goes back to the XV and XVII centuries. I am very satisfied with my courses even if sometimes I found it hard to understand the meaning of this kind of singing, however I try to understand it better using Venice itself. I actually go often to concerts which take place in churches or I go to the opera at Teatro La Fenice and I think this is pretty useful, I also visit churches and museums to watch paintings made in those centuries.

How would you describe the link between Venice and music?

In Venice you can listen to music everytime you walk down the streets. I feel very lucky because I can listen to beautiful music for free everyday. If you really want to understand and enjoy classical and ancient music, I think that the best way to do so is attending live performances. Music make you feel all kinds of emotions and it is the best remedy for your heart. Besides classical and ancient music, you can listen to many different music genres all over Venice: at the Conservatory, in churches and theatres, in Scuole and on the street. I would be very happy if other people were fond of music because in my case music is both my big love and my dearest friend.

How is your life in Venice?

I am very glad I decided to move to Venice, a unique city in the world. My life is simple, I enjoy spending my time at home and relax, I go to the Rialto market to do shopping and buy fish that I cook at home. I also enjoy getting lost in the thousands narrow Venetian streets and watch the beautiful view on the Grand Canal. Venice gives me great feelings everyday: the sounds, the slight movement of the waves, the water glint in the lagoon, the wonderful palazzi and then... the bells ringing, definitely my favourite sound! Last but not least, let's not forget one of the greatest advantages in Venice: you don't need a car!