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Erasmus stories at Radio Ca' Foscari

Posted On 12/02/2020

Polina Popova is a former Ca' Foscari Erasmus student who decided to use her stay in Venice in order to try the feeling to be part of a radio station. She joined Radio Ca' Foscari and she created and performed a show called Radio Erasmus Venice. Her podcasts described in a funny way some aspects of Italian language and culture: Top 5 of Italian gestures, What do foreigners notice about Italians?, Welcome to Venice!, 7 common mistakes foreign speakers do in Italian.

This is how, today, Polina recalls her experience in Venice: "the radio was very welcoming and offered incoming students with new skills and everyone was welcome to join and contribute, so I decided to give it a try. The team taught me a lot and I found it useful afterwards. It was a lovely and welcoming environment".

If you want to learn more about radio broadcasting and opportunities to be part of Radio Ca' Foscari, do not miss the RCF webpage!