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This is Nicolò from Radio Ca Foscari

Posted On 18/03/2021

We have interviewed Nicolò Groja, a Ca' Foscari’s alumni who is now working on a very interesting project called Radio Ca’ Foscari.

Hi Nicolò, could you please introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Nicolò Groja, I studied Italian Philology and Literature at Ca' Foscari University and currently my job is to coordinate the activities of our University's radio station. I took the first steps into the world of radio when I was still a student, as a hobby, and I feel lucky that after some years it became my job.

Do you live in Venice?

Yes, I live in Venice.

In your opinion, what does surprise international students the most when they get to Venice for the first time?

It is Venice itself that surprises the visitor: the city is so different from all others that those who are here for the first time often find it hard to believe what they see.

You studied at Ca' Foscari. What memories do you have of your student years?

I studied at Ca' Foscari for many years - from my Undergraduate programme to my PhD - and I have very good memories of them.

Why should an international student opt for spending a semester or an academic year in Venice?

Because, as I said earlier, Venice is a unique city and beyond university studies, an experience here is priceless.

Could you explain what Radio Ca' Foscari is?

It is the University radio; a support tool for the Communication Office but also a laboratory for those enrolled at Ca' Foscari, who can follow a training course and then create their own program.

What is your role and what are your main tasks at Radio Ca’ Foscari?

I am in charge of coordinating all the activities, running the institutional programs, training the volunteers, and doing a bit of everything else.

How long have you been working at Radio Ca' Foscari?

Since 2015, but my adventure in radio started earlier, as a student volunteer.

Why did you choose to get into the field of radio?

I first came into this field almost by chance, I was encouraged by some people I knew. Then little by little I became so interested in this world, radio and communication, and a few favorable coincidences allowed me to work in this field and make it my job.

Have you ever had any international students in Radio Ca' Foscari?

Yes, but I admit that we would like to have more and more! We are always waiting to welcome new international candidates.

So international students are welcome. What skills do you look for in a candidate?

The only skill you need is a strong willingness to get involved. If you have that and a little bit of creativity, you can join the team. You will learn everything else here.

What goals do you have for 2021?

It is not a proper goal, but rather a hope: I hope that the pandemic situation will return to normal and that radio will once again become a place where people can meet and gather.

If you are curious about the world of radio and would like to become a part of it, get in touch with the staff of Radio Ca' Foscari! E-Mail Address: radiocafoscari@unive.it

Picture by Pattaro/Vision