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Chinese student Wang Qiong: you should add your own colors to life!

Posted On 05/01/2021

During the Christmas holidays we have interviewed Wang Qiong, a second-year postgraduate student of Interpreting and Translation for Publishing and for Special Purposes at Ca' Foscari. Wang Qiong is always energetic and has lots of hobbies, even during the epidemic her enthusiasm for life has never faded.

Why did you choose to return to university after working for two years?
I majored in Italian Language and Literature during my undergraduate studies; after I graduated, I found a job as a teacher in China and during the teaching process I gradually became conscious of my shortcomings, for example, I lacked a deep understanding of Italian culture and my oral language was not that perfect, so I decided to continue my study in Italy and improve my skills on many aspects.

What problems has the epidemic caused to your daily life and tranquility?
For me, the biggest problem with the epidemic is not being able to go to class. Although the online teaching and learning model ensures the ongoing teaching activities, there are still some disadvantages, such as being less effective when I am studying alone, also the effect of the online mode is not as good as the traditional in-person method. As for my mental and physical peace of mind, fortunately, I have been able to stay in a healthy state of mind during the outbreak!

How do you deal with these problems?
Apart from my online classes, I try not to pay much attention to the epidemic when surfing the internet, especially the number of new infections and deaths each day because they cause me anxiety and increase my stress. During my quarantine at home, I work out to maintain my body and mind healthy, and I also do things that interested me to distract myself.

How do you balance your time between studying and working?
I don't have too many classes this semester, so I have a lot of free time, so I've found a few part-time jobs. One is as a teacher, teaching Chinese to elementary school students, and the other is as an Italian customer service agent in a cross-border company. The part-time jobs don't take up too much of my time and I have enough time to study, at the same time, they keep me busy and give me some work to do.

You have many hobbies such as drawing and photography: are you also inspired by Venice or Treviso?
I live in Treviso; in Treviso, I often see very charming sunsets around dusk time, so I shoot many moments like these. I also follow some illustrators on Instagram who draw everyday scenes and very cute animals, I usually do most of my drawings by copying their work and learning their painting techniques.

What is your favorite course in college and why it’s your favorite?
My favorite course was the Cantonese Language taught by Prof. Chiara Perinot and Prof. Jimmy Lam because Cantonese is a very interesting language with many similarities and differences from Mandarin, so it was very fresh for me to learn it. Also, Prof. Perinot is Italian but speaks Cantonese very well, and Prof. Lam is from Hong Kong and can provide us a better understanding of Hong Kong culture.